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 Featured Card #5: Snowman Eater

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PostSubject: Featured Card #5: Snowman Eater   Tue Oct 09, 2012 4:14 am

When this card is flipped face-up, destroy 1 face-up monster on the field.

For all those that voted for this card, I'm sure you know everything I'm going to mention now; but just in case I missed anything please continue reading. To start, wow... a card of the week that doesn't have a long effect, it's a miracle! A card whose effect is easy to understand! Why are you bothering with this? If you are thinking along these lines, then it's time to learn! *Dramatic music*

The best thing about this card is the 1900 defense; maybe it's a fluke but Konami seems to have put some thought into this (yeah, speak about miracles). The defense of 1900 is enough to stop most lvl 4 monsters (Alius, Raioh) as well as the destroy-and-search recruiters (Flamvell Firedog, Blackwing Shura, Jurrac Guiba). The opponent summoned a monster with less attack than 2000 and attacks your face-down Snowman? Destroy their monster and you still have a monster of 1900 defense on the field for field presence, tribute, synchro, xyz; I can't say no to that can you? Of course even if it's above 2000 as long as they don't have an anti-destruction card like Stardust, it'll be a 1-1 exchange.

It does have its downs which is the 0 attack but since Snowman shouldn't be used offensively anyway so that's no issue. In fact due to it having 0 attack it can combo with cards like Debris Dragon for an instant Gungnir so I don't think it's an disadvantage at all. It is also worth remembering that Snowman Eater destroys any 'face-up' monster on the field and this isn't optional. If your opponent uses Swords of Revealing Light (as an example) or you flip Snowman without thinking while there are no face-up monsters you will be forced to destroy itself.

There isn't anything much more to discuss regarding Snowman; great side deck against Heros, totally kills Rabbit Dino (Unless they go xyz but you'll cause them to either die or lose materials anyway). If you don't have a spot of the main deck for this, it should definitely be in your side. In this format where Thunder King Rai-Oh, Heros, Rabbit Dino are expected to be common, Snowman Eater should definitely be among to first to consider when considering tech for your decks.

Featured Card #5: Snowman Eater

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