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 Blue Eyes white dragon/ Prisma Emeral

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PostSubject: Blue Eyes white dragon/ Prisma Emeral    Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:54 am
Wanted to Make a blue eyes white dragon deck so I thought why not have it based on Prisma and Daigusto emeral ( seemed to work well with my dark magician deck )

Blues eyes white dragon 3
Elementa lHero neos
Vorse raider2
Battle ox 2
Mystic hose man 1
Oblelisk the tormentor
black luster solider
elemental hero stratos
Elemental hero prisma 3
Flamevell magician
king of the swamp 2
kaiba man 2
The white stone of legend2

E emergency call
heavy storm
polymerization 3
dark hole
swords of revealing light
gold sarcophagus
foolish burial
monster reborn

bottomless trap hole 2
mirror force 2
torrential tribute
starlight road
call of the haunted 2

blue eyes ultimate dragon 2
elemental hero the shining
elemental hero escurid o
elemental hero absolute zero 2
rapid horse man
stardust dragon 2
utopia 3
daigusto emeral 3

Seems to work ok but some cards seem out of place such as, Neos flamevell magician, zero, and escurid.

Thinking about adding compulsory evacuation device, Morphing Jar, pot of avarice, and duality.

Blue Eyes white dragon/ Prisma Emeral

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