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 Return of the Round! - King Artorigus and his Knights

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PostSubject: Return of the Round! - King Artorigus and his Knights   Sat Jan 26, 2013 7:12 am
Yes, I just made a Round Table reference there, and right you are! Here I present my current project!

Return of the Round!!

This is a deck I am aiming to make in real life along with my "Chaos-Caster" build.(Check link for current build), but with me getting core cards. Such as the Noble Knights and the Noble Arms first before getting anything else that may be opted out later for MUCH better alternatives.
The deck overall isn't expensive, even with the Noble Arms or Noble Knights in highest rarity, coming out barely a fraction of what one plans to spend on a Structure Budget Deck.... but I digress...

Sadly, YGOPro does not have all the cards up yet, so I chose to opt with DN until then... *shivers* All the damn Rule Sharks... Err...

Errhmph! Anyways, I digress. Here is the deck list.

Quote :

Main Deck = 40
3. Noble Knight Artorigus
1. Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
1. Chaos Sorcerer
2. Genex Ally Birdman
1. Honest
2. Ignoble Knight of Black Laundsallyn
3. Noble Knight Gawayn
3. Noble Knight Medraut
2. Summoner Monk

1. Allure of Darkness
1. Dark Hole
1. Heavy Storm
1. Mind Control
1. Monster Reborn
3. Mystical Space Typhoon
2. Noble Arms - Afradeutyr(Will be called "Noble Arms - A.")
2. Noble Arms - Caliburn(Will be called "Noble Arms - C.")
2. Noble Arms - Gallatin(Will be called "Noble Arms - G.")
1. Pot of Avarice
1. Reinforcements of the Army

2. Bottomless Trap Hole
1. Solemn Judgment
2. Solemn Warning
1. Starlight Road

Side Deck = 15
2. Cyber Dragon
2. Effect Veiler
1. Maxx "C"

2. Forbidden Lance
1. Prohibition

2. Dimensional Prison
2. Royal Decree
2. Torrential Tribute

1. Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Extra Deck = 15
1. Black Rose Dragon
1. Power Tool Dragon
1. Stardust Dragon

1. Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights
2. Blade Armor Ninja
1. Gagaga Cowboy
1. Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger
1. Heroic Champion - Excalibur
1. Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
1. Number 16: Shock Master
1. Number 39: Utopia
1. Number 50: Blackship of Corn
1. Number 61: Volcasaurus
1. Number C39: Utopia Ray

This deck as far as I know, works wonderful, but is horribly limited to Equip abilities due to only 3 available Equip cards that limit the potential of this build. Now, if Konami decides for the next Booster Pack to release another Equip Blade respectively for the Xyz Artorigus, and Medraut, then it might improve the synergy and flow of this deck greatly.

The deck has a basic and simple function and that is... Control and Overpower.

Control Aspect

With 1 Dark Hole, 1 Heavy Storm, 3 MST's, 2 Noble Arms - A., 2 Bottomless Trap Holes, the Solemn Brigade and 1 Starlight Road, this deck scoffs at any hate provided by other builds by simply destroying the threats at any given time. A serious drawback though, is cards that bounce or simply decks that do not depend on summoning or using ACTUAL field to their advantage. Making it open to Exodia builds and what not. Noble Arms - C., also grants easy life points that help fuel the Solemn Brigade, making the cost drawback not that big of a deal long term wise.

Overpower Aspect

Noble Arms - C., and Noble Arms - G. allow for easy dismantling of any monsters with 2300 or less attack, and grant a huge immunity for a turn leaving a lot of people to stall out. This works wonders with a clean field and Blade Armor Ninja equipped with Noble Arms - G., giving it 3200 Attack, and devastating the opponent with 6400 damage in the face. BLS - EotB also is amazing with Honest and Noble Arms - G. as it grants an easy 4000+ that can easily OTK the turn it hits the field. The downside to this is that Noble Arms can be dead in hand if one has more than one copy and Summoner Monk isn't available for dumping to generate another advantage.


This deck is good, but has more potential if Konami decides to release a few other equips that might be of different names for more use.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions as I am open to suggestions.

Return of the Round! - King Artorigus and his Knights

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