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 Chaos Inquirer #3: Puffy

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PostSubject: Chaos Inquirer #3: Puffy   Fri Sep 20, 2013 3:33 pm

1. Hey Puffy!!! I know you love the famous Hostile but inviting me here in the vip lounge at Old Trafford is really amazing... Before we start off... gimme a glass of that sparkling champagne and a toast with tuna 'cause I'm hungry... So Puffy, you are an Mancunian right? Explain to our readers what Manchester stands for and which special things are going on here daily...

I am a proud Mancunian and supporter of Manchester United Wink. Manchester is the 3rd biggest city in England and the home to two of the biggest football clubs around Manchester United and Manchester City. But above all else Manchester is famous for it’s rain and constant bad weather.

2. Manchester stands for football but what other things are very famous here which some people of us might not know?

We have huge shopping centres like the Trafford Centre, The Arndale Centre and the curry mile were you can always find yourself a nice meal. You could also visit the Museum of Science and Industry or one of the other museums, the nightlife here isn’t bad either.

3. You just finished university and now you are ready for making your own money... Tell us a bit more about the studies you did and also about your future career plans.

I studied computer games technology for 3 years at university and just finished this summer. Now I am starting my job (programming) in a few weeks and am mainly working towards preparation. The course was really fun and the people I met during the course were great.

4. I see that your hobbies are in the same line of your professional desires...when did you start to feel passionate about games?

I started to get into games when I played Runescape in my first year of high school after playing that game for close to 4 years I eventually moved to console gaming and the Xbox and Xbox 360 it was around this time that I decided I wanted to be a games programmer. I still enjoy playing console and PC games as well as Yu-Gi-Oh.

5. Well we wanna hear all about one specific game and that's Yu-Gi-Oh! When did you discover it for the first time and what do you remember about those moments?

I used to watch Yu-Gi-Oh on TV as a child and played with my brother we both bought structure decks, back when we summoned whatever we wanted and we could use cards like change of heart. It was fun dueling against my brother but we eventually grew out of it and locked the cards away. Since then I had a few brief spells where I started to play again but the most significant one was the time during YO3. After YO3 closed down I thought I was done with it but constant nagging by Valkyra brought me to NEDA and tdoane and then Percy, so here I am now at CEA loving every moment.

6. The game is constantly changing and evolving... As a dedicated player you also went through all those changes. Whats your view and opinion about it through the years?

In my honest opinion it was really going down the drain but with this new ban list there's a ray of hope. Slowing the game down which is what I wanted and lessening the traps but why all this Mermail support!?
With four ban lists a year announced it seems as though it’ll be one hell of a ride from now on.

7. At one moment you probably wanted to play the game in a more professional and competitive way right? When was that moment and how did you approach it to play on a higher level?

I mainly started wanting to get better at the game around the play offs and YCC announcements, so I started to practice and learn the meta decks. I think that talking to people about the decks, techs and strategies as well as all the hours of practice is what made me get much better. I even started reading articles and watching high rated duels on dueling network this actually helps which surprised me.

8. We all know you as a former Dreamstate member. What does that team mean to you and what are the most important things/moments you have experienced there?

Dreamstate will always be my first home, I learnt how to duel in the YO3 Dreamstate courtesy of Valkyra and NEDA Dreamstate and CEA Dreamstate were all fun and filled with great moments. The best moments of my time in Dreamstate were my first ever war duel with Dreamstate vs Super Friends. At the time I was incredibly nervous but through the little push from Valkyra I played vs Nichigo and won 2-1 with my beloved Dark Worlds, it was quite a match and also the play off finals vs Paladins before my match vs Jaaden I was thinking about what to play and my team mates helped me decide what was best as Jaaden was on a scary run having defeated Trojans by himself. We decided I should add Eradicator Epidemic Virus’s as Jaaden would most likely use Spellbooks and bam EEV came in and slapped him across the face a 2-0 Victory! Unfortunately we weren’t victorious overall but it was still a great season.

9.  Playing with guys like Sabbaticus, Dubina, etc must have been really awesome or is there someone else that meant a lot to you regarding becoming better as a YGO-player?

Playing with such high caliber team mates certainly helped me improve the way I played the game, I received lots of advice on how to play the game and deck building from my team mates in Dreamstate. It helped me improve from an average player and in the end it was all to help my team progress further and become stronger. Team chats were always great and fun, especially the skype calls although they were few.

10.  Leaving Dreamstate to go on your own adventure, finding a friend named Zacky and creating Phoenix...Whats the story behind that decision?

Leaving Dreamstate was a tough decision but I felt that it was time to part ways and start a new adventure, helping the forum become more active in the war zone was one of the key reasons for me leaving Dreamstate. Dreamstate was an amazing experience overall and still feels like a home to me. After leaving Dreamstate I was originally supposed to join with NickV and become a member of Toxic Flamingos, however I felt that it would be better to create my won team with Zacky with whom I was discussing this for a while. Making a team with Zacky was a great experience we shared the ups and downs of being team leaders together and it was a great season for Phoenix, Zacky did amazing work for the team in both the team thread and the wars he won for us.

11. And then there was that one moment that you'll treasure forever... becoming a YCC champion! Tell us the entire story from the moment you put your name on the list till your final was played... deck choice, preparation, emotions, joy, fear... We would like to hear it all!!!

Deck making/submission: I submitted my deck on deadline day just like everyone else :DAs for creation I had a rough skeleton I’d been using for wars I asked some advice form a respected friend a fellow greg just before submission I was given the all clear and SUBMISSION SENT!
Practicing daily with the gregs in order to prepare for YCC and play offs testing all sorts and assisting each other (this was by far one of the most best things for me this season).

Round 1: vs Loop
My first E-Dragon mirror match was quite a match in the end I won because of super rejuvenation giving me all the Veilers in the world to not care for what he did. Ended up with a 2-1 win.

Round 2: vs BlackKnight
Oh how I hate chain burn, though I was more than prepared and luckily he didn’t draw into any Lava Golems. With my special anti-burn side I managed to win 2-0.

Round 3: vs Tear0fLife
Talk about your mirror matches I thought that I had good hands and was set to win little did I know that Tears has even better hands and just full on destroyed me, my first loss in swiss 2-0.

Round 4:vs XmhX1
He just straight up countered me with Evilswarm, I could never get past his never ending Ophions. Lost 2-1. At this point I was 2-2 in swiss and worried that I might not make it to the top 16. So I asked Rathial to a practice YCC match seeing as he was 4-0 at the time and undefeated with his Bujins and I was on the verge of not qualifying he agreed, I then defeated him 2-0 and this was confidence boost as well as a small sign of what was to come for me.

Round 5: vs Zacky
GG my brother, swift 2-0 vs his anti-meta chain beats, a really annoying deck but was no match for the Dragons.

Round 6:vs Dragoon
He never appeared until the final day when I was busy. Unfortunate that we didn’t get to play.

Top 16: vs Austin
First time I faced Spellbooks through the tournament, started turn 1 LADD in duel 1 which got me the win, duel 2 he went first, I lost standard Judgement plays, nothing I could do. Duel 3 I got into EEV and won Very Happy. Treasured Sword of the Seven Stars was the best card in my deck for this duel.

Top 8: vs Pyro
The first real time I was nervous throughout the tournament playing against another top duelist and in my opinion his deck was superior to mine. I managed to win 2-1 after a hard fought out match.

Top 4: vs Liyana
Another Dragons mirror but this time a misplay on Liyana’s part cost him game 1, though I'd like to think that I did something by recognizing his misplay and saving my Veiler. Duel 2 Liyana’s hand was just terrible so I stole the win 2-0, GG’s bro. Liyana Duel 2: http://popbabble.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/got.jpg

Finals: vs DarkMadzishN
This was undoubtedly the biggest duel of the season for me by far. DarkMadzishN is probably the best Dragon Rulers duelist on CEA in my opinion, I was certain I would lose but I wanted to put up a good fight. After a hard fought battle of RPS and a streaming mishap I won 2-0 and thank god for my turn 1 LADD’s and Super Rejuvs.

Winning YCC was the most unexpected thing of the season my aim was to get into the Top 16 and I expected to lose my top 16 match especially seeing as time went on I had realized how sub par my deck really was. One of the biggest reasons I won the YCC has to be the amount of research I did I collected tons of replays of YCC matches so I had the knowledge to help me win the duels to make up for my crappy deck.

12. Now the biggest task will be to live up to that famous title of course... How will you handle things towards the upcoming weeks/months?

I had planned to take a break from dueling online competitively and work on starting to duel in real life and also preparing for work, I started collecting some cards though at the moment I’m deciding what I want to run. I'm leaning towards either Gishki or Dark Worlds.

13. For the third edition of the YCC...Will we see you topping again?

I hope so! It’d be awesome to be able to stay at the top of such a skilled community though I don’t think I’ll ever win another YCC but I’ll try Very Happy

14. Any last words for our members?

Shout out to the Gregs who’s help greatly increased my chances to become the YCC Champ and made me much more interested in this game and the community. They made the game fun for me again. Shout out to my team Phoenix, you guys all did great last season it was an awesome ride, one that I won’t forget.


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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Inquirer #3: Puffy   Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:34 pm
We are legion!
We are anarchy!

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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Inquirer #3: Puffy   Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:39 pm
Thats my N**** Puffy ^^



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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Inquirer #3: Puffy   Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:54 pm
The greatest of all the germans was the only one who could stopp u lol

naah just joking nice interview lol




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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Inquirer #3: Puffy   Fri Sep 20, 2013 6:33 pm
Great interview except dat part about me :3 we never found each other did we?

"Live, Die, Repeat"




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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Inquirer #3: Puffy   Fri Sep 20, 2013 6:47 pm
Great interview. Good luck in your future stuffs, Puffpuff. Very Happy

"Life happens wherever you are, whether you make it or not." - Iroh.



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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Inquirer #3: Puffy   Fri Sep 20, 2013 8:18 pm
@Hostile wrote:

Top 16: vs Austin
First time I faced Spellbooks through the tournament, started turn 1 LADD in duel 1 which got me the win, duel 2 he went first, I lost standard Judgement plays, nothing I could do. Duel 3 I got into EEV and won Very Happy. Treasured Sword of the Seven Stars was the best card in my deck for this duel.
swords into heavy + eev , will forever remember this xD

nice interview and gl in the future dear puffy Smile




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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Inquirer #3: Puffy   Sat Sep 21, 2013 2:33 am
Aha great interview mate

@DarkMadzishN wrote:
We are legion!
We are anarchy!

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PostSubject: Re: Chaos Inquirer #3: Puffy   

Chaos Inquirer #3: Puffy

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