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 Yu-Gi-Oh! Isle Of Torguna - Chapter Three

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PostSubject: Yu-Gi-Oh! Isle Of Torguna - Chapter Three   Fri Sep 20, 2013 8:00 pm
A/N: A Chapter that is on at the correct date this time, unlike the last one. Now this chapter shall conclude in what everyone must have thought was an annoying "To Be Continued" moment, even I agree. Despite this, you didn't need to wait massively long; Now enjoy the chapter and hope to hear your comments afterwards, especially as the Writer wants to see what everyone thinks of it lol.

As our scenario begins, it reveals Pegasus inside of his office at the company; Industrial Illusions, as he works through some of his paperwork atop his desk. As he continued to work upon the pile of documents both on research and card designs, his ever faithful butler; Kroquet comes into the room, bowing slightly to his boss. “Mr Pegasus sir, was it wise to hand that girl that kind of power in a card?” he question his boss at the time, whom adjusting his sight of view to look upon Kroquet. “Oh my ever faithful Kroquet, you must realize that the card was not given to Miss Sugihara, she was chosen by the card itself” he commented, revealing a slight smirk upon his lips; “Besides, I have faith in that young lady” he added in, just as a knock was heard from the door; “Oh good, our second chosen one has just come” he chuckled softly. Kroquet understood this motion to move towards the door and open it up, revealing a lovely young lady behind the large door; “Ah, its good of you to see me young lady” Pegasus smiled from his desk, putting his pen down; “You do know why you are here, correct?” he inquired further. The young lady nodded her head and replied with a simple “Yes, I do” before moving over to the chair in front of Pegasus’ desk; “Still, it’s very strange to be told that I’ve been chosen by destiny” she spoke softly; “Sounds a little cliché to me” she added in with her last sentence.

Pegasus couldn’t but smirk a little at this, as he soon opened up a drawer from his desk; “It may sound cliché, however, it is the truth young lady” he spoke, before sliding a lime green container closer to the younger female; “In this box, lies a power that you’ve never seen before, and it has picked you to wield its almighty power” Pegasus spoke softly, as he noticed the girl picking it up in her hand, opening up the lid before looking at its contents. The girl raised an eyebrow at this, especially as she noticed it as merely a card; “You’re joking right? How can such a card have such power to create life or destroy?” she asked Pegasus at the time, as she didn’t believe his words at the time. Pegasus couldn’t help but chuckle a little, as Kroquet moved a little closer to his boss; “I do realize that you have your suspicions young lady, however, just because one cannot see it doesn’t mean it isn’t so” he explained with a soft tone; “But when it comes to the topic of our world’s survival, it is not a joke” he added in. The younger female looked at the card once more, noticing it starting to glow a pale lime green; “What on earth!?” she expressed with such a shock in her tone, as Pegasus noticed this as well; “What did I say young lady, you were chosen by this card and now it is responding to your inner strength” Pegasus spoke with a smile upon his lips; “You’re whole world is about to change!” he announced to her with that smile still remaining upon his lips.

As the young female continues to look at the lime green glow around the card in her hand, our attention faded back over to that of the other one chosen by such a card. The duel was nearing its climax, as Maria’s life points were merely a chunk away from becoming nought, with the duelling assassin on the other hand, having a huge majority of their life points remaining. Maria knew that if she didn’t defend against another assault of life point damage like that again, she would be beaten and the card she was asked to protect, taken from her defeated hands. All that Strider could do was continue to laugh, as he knew his victory was now assured, especially as he had planned this from the beginning of the duel. Before Strider took his next turn, they were given a reminder of how many life points they both had each.

Maria Sugihara > 800LP
3400LP < Strider

“Well little girl, it seems that your time in the spotlight shall be brought to its end” Strider simply chuckled in such an evil manner; “I cannot believe that the famous Pegasus, creator of Duel Monsters would have such a powerful card be held by such a weakling kid” he chuckled some more, before pointing over at Maria with such a demonic smirk upon his lips. Maria panted heavily as the last amount of damage she had received was pretty strong, especially with the special in place, causing the strength of the monsters to increase to incalculable heights. Strider continued to smirk; “Look at you, you can’t even stand up with breathing heavily, was that damage really that strong for your frail body?” he commented with such evil intent, as he soon placed his fingers at the edge of his deck; “Now watch a real duelist take their turn” he continued to chuckle. All Maria could do was keep up her stamina as much as she could, especially seeing as before, it didn’t affect her that badly, but once it kicked in, she realized how bad it truly was. All that Maria could do, was hold her own, just until her next turn, then she may have a chance to win the duel, but that chance was slim with the cards in both her hand and graveyard; Was there anything she could do at this point? Or would she be brought to defeat.

“Now it is my turn girl!” Strider announced, as he drew his next card, smiling at what it was, before selecting another card from his hand, placing it upon his duel disk; “I summon my fiendish monster, Newdoria!” he exclaimed, as the duelling hologram system soon picked up speed, generating a three-dimensional form of the devilish monster rather easily. “And next, I’ll play a Spell card from my hand; Double Up” he announced once more, as the card was slid into a slot underneath his monster’s card, allowing hologram of the card appear behind his fiendish monster; “Double Up is an equip card that doubles the attack of a monster I control for as long as it is equipped to the monster, however, if the spell is destroyed, its attack reduces to zero” he explained with that cold smile still upon his lips. At that time, the spell card’s effects started to take effect, increasing the attack of Strider’s monster.

Newdoria: ATK/1200 > ATK/2400

Maria knew somehow that he would only do that if he was about to strike down her Archangel Vanessa with his own monster, which in a way, was a good thing to see for her, and yet Strider didn’t do anything but reveal such a devilish smirk. “Now that Newdoria’s attack is doubled, he easily outmatches your feathered weakling” he chuckled some, before picking yet another card from his hand, placing it into another slot underneath the base of his duel disk; “Now I set one card face down” he mentioned, as a hologram of a Set card now appeared aside of the activated Spell card, not revealing what it may be. Maria knew despite the fact he had set a card, she could still have a chance at winning this duel, but then something came to mind, that why didn’t Strider announce an attack against her monster before setting that face down card, unless it meant that something else was afoot. “I know what you are thinking little girl” Strider started to chuckle once more; “You are probably thinking why I decided to play a set card, don’t you?” he chuckled a little more; “I know your little angel’s effect child, that when it is attacked by a monster not of the same attribute, it reduces the attack of the opposing monster by six hundred points” he explained, leaving Maria in a little shock.

“How…how did you know that?” she asked of him, before Strider just simply grinned once more; “Unlike some idiots out there like the infamous Joey Wheeler, I study up on my opponents and most of your cards played were seen in that duel tournament” he chuckled some more. Maria couldn’t believe this herself, especially seeing as he knew most of her deck already, but how was that possible? She didn’t receive the card from Pegasus until after she lost a match. Strider continued to chuckle; “Our lord and master was aware that Pegasus had the cards with him, never letting them leave his sight” he explained little by little; “So when we heard this, we watched to see if he would pass the card onto another, but to pass to you, he must be getting desperate” he continued. Maria couldn’t do much about that, she knew that she played quite a few cards during the tournament, but to have them easily countered, this was a nightmare in itself; “So no matter what you do little girl, this duel is done!” he laughed out hysterically, soon pointing at her rather suddenly; “Now take your final turn, as once it rounds to me again, you shall lose!” he grinned in such an malicious way, continuing to laugh out loud.

Maria looked down at her current hand, knowing that she had some good cards ready, along with her current face down card, but when facing someone who already set themselves set for her own strategies, she didn’t have much hope. “I can’t believe this, not only does he know my cards, but he knows how to counter them” Maria thought to herself, as she felt her confidence slip away; “If I don’t come up with a way to take his monster down this turn, then the game will really be his” she continued to think to herself. At this time however, Strider was simply smirking in such a malicious fashion, knowing that he had this duel in the bag; “No matter what move this little girl does, all I need do is get to my next turn, and it shall be all over” he thought to himself, looking down at his hand; “With my Spell card, Fiend’s Passageway, I can add a Fiend-Type monster from my deck to my hand, however, I cannot activate any other cards if I do so” he continued to think out in his head, looking back up at Maria once more. As he watched Maria squirm slightly, or so he believed that she was doing so, he continued to think out the duel in his head; “So next turn, I’ll activate this card and bring it to an end by adding Archfiend Cavalry to my hand, and thus ending the duel” he chuckled softly, still revealing that smirk of his; “She has no hope, it’s all over for her!” he added to his thoughts.

Chapter Three/Let Loose One’s Power: Lightning Purge!

Maria knew no matter what she drew next would help her overcome the powered up Newdoria, and still tend to its effect, especially as Vanessa was currently her own line of defence. But just as Maria was giving up hope, her deck started to shine a nice pale gold without her realizing at the time. That was until she started to hear something, which caused her eyes to shoot open and look around slightly; “What…what was that?” she muttered softly, as she continued to look around her. This is of course caught the attention of Strider, as he was unsure of what Maria was doing, believing that she actually lost it by those motions of the head, not like it mattered to him as he was merely a moment from achieving victory in this duel. As Maria tried to pinpoint the voice, she heard it once more, as the words echoed through her ears; “Believe in thyself chosen duelist, let thou cards show thy path to victory” the voice spoke in a strong yet soothing tone; “Thou holds thy key in deck, prove one’s self, let one’s soul prove courage” it continued. Just as the voice spoke its words, Maria soon took notice of her deck, as the golden glow grew brighter, but only to her eyes and not of Strider’s; this had to mean something to her, a sign of sorts of what she would need to do in order to overcome such a difficult situation. In doing so, she breathed in softly, before breathing out, preparing to draw her next card as her fingers rest at the edge of her deck.

Maria stood firmly in place, looking over at her diabolical opponent; “It’s time for me…to spread my wings!” she announced as she drew her next card from her deck, turning it around to reveal what it was to herself, which caused her eyes to suddenly widen; “How…how did this card get into my deck?” she thought to herself, and yet it somehow was believable, to know this card would be her only chance. She decided to look to her opponent once more, before plucking a card from her hand and sliding it into the slot underneath her Archangel Vanessa’s card; “I activate the Spell card; Monster Reborn!” she announced as a hologram of the card emerged onto the field aside of her three-dimensional monster. A card soon pops out of her graveyard, in which she picks up immediately; “With my Monster Reborn, I can special summon a monster from either of our graveyard’s, but since I must do so, I shall resurrect my Archangel Rose from my graveyard in face-up defence position!” she exclaims, placing the card onto the duel disk once more; “Let’s go for it Rose!” she cried, as a three-dimensional form of her monster started to generate.

In such a short moment, the feminine body generated as its stature started to take form as it revealed that her hair was light purple that flowed down to that of her shoulders, which suited her own beautiful, sky blue eyes. As the rest of her form took shape, it revealed that her clothing was rather plain and yet beautiful as it was a rather elegant white dress that flowed down to just under her own knees, which was easily complimenting that of her own white strap high-heeled shoes. As she looked over towards that of the opponent, she slipped onto the card of her own form, sitting down with her legs curled slightly to the right hand side; her white, feathery wings soon spread out, revealing how glamorous they really were. Her stats were once revealed to both her owner and opponent.

Archangel Rose
Level 1

Strider couldn’t help but chuckle at this; “Is that it? I must admit, I am severely disappointed” he grinned, despite the fact Maria did not take notice of the comment. He was not pleased by this, as he was clearly ignored by the younger female, yet instead he shrugged it off, knowing that victory was a certainty. As Strider continued to watch his opponent take her move, Maria then quickly pressed a switch on her duel disk before thrusting her hand forward; “Next, I activate the Trap card; Angel’s Guardian” she announced, as the face down soon flipped face up, revealing its picture art with ease; “With this trap card, I can special summon an Archangel from my graveyard directly to the field in face-up attack position” she quickly explained. As she clarified its useful effect, a card soon popped out of her graveyard once more, before plucking it out and holding it firmly in her fingers; “So I’ll resurrect my fallen angel once more; Archangel Claire, spread your wings once more!” she cried, as the monster card was placed upon her duel disk once more, causing the three-dimensional generator to pick up once more.

As the hologram generator sped up faster, the monster in which Maria re-summoned, thanks to her ever faithful trap card, started to take form once more, revealing it to be a lovely feminine body with such luscious long, pale pink hair to compliment her pale pink eyes. As her form continued to generate, it revealed her own slim figure as she was soon revealed to be wearing that of a white, slim fit vest blouse which suited her upper body nicely, and along with that of her pale blue frilly skirt which slipped down to just above her own knees, as her white silk boots soon came into view with a slight heel on the sole of her footwear. Soon her white, feathery wings spread out, revealing them only to be in the width of her own arms when stretched out, as she soon gave a rather cheeky wink with a smile, as her stats were soon revealed to Maria and her opponent once more.

Archangel Claire
Level 4
ATK/1800 DEF/100

Strider smirked once more, noticing the desperate play that Maria had just made right now; “Seems you are trying to build up your defences little girl, but it will not matter, as this duel is not one you can overcome as easily” he chuckled some more. Maria on the other hand, pulled the card she just drew closer to her face, before taking in a deep breath and letting it flow out once more; “I truly do hope that voice came from this card” she muttered to herself softly, as she soon looked over at Strider once more, holding the card firmly in her fingers. Strider was wondering what that card could be, but after seeing most of her deck in action already, he wouldn’t be that impressed or threatened at whatever she had activated or summoned. Maria then thrust her right hand forward with a slight, confident smile upon her lips; “I now release all three of my monsters in order to make another summoning!” she announced, while Strider simply snickered a little; “You really think I’m going to fall for such a little trick child?” he commented with a slight chuckle, although Maria’s confident smile did not falter, as her three monsters started to glow a bright, golden glow.

As the monster’s continued to glow the bright golden colour, their forms altered slowly into that of three golden orbs, as the one that was in the place of Archangel Vanessa soon floated up into the air, taking what seemed like the top spot. Next, was the orb that occupied the space of Archangel Claire, who too floated up into the air with that of the first golden orb, positioning itself into place underneath that of the top one. Finally, the last orb which occupied that of the space for Archangel Rose soon lifted up into the air as well, right underneath that of the orb that contained that of Archangel Claire, as all three of the golden orbs soon started to glow even brighter than before, causing the field to be lit up by its stunning light. Strider on the other hand, was taken aback by such a move; “What is this!?” he immediately shouted out as he looked at the three glowing, gold orbs; “What are you trying to summon, girl!?” he shouted across at Maria, with slight confusion in his tone. However, Maria stared down at the card in her fingers once more, hoping she was about to do the right thing, especially as she remembered many things that Pegasus had told her about this card.

As Maria closes her eyes, another scenario comes into effect, revealing her inside of the room once more with that of Pegasus, as he explains a little more about the card in which she held at the time. “Maria, the card in which you hold has powers that far exceed that of the Egyptian God cards, so do not take it so likely” he decided to mention as he placed both his hands against his legs; “Compared to these almighty beasts, the Egyptian God cards are merely ants to their forms” he explained a little further of the power comparison between these six cards and that of the cards Yugi Muto holds. Maria merely stared at the card and started to speak up once more; “So you mean that no just anyone can hold this card?” she asked of Pegasus, who nodded in response before speaking up once more himself; “Yes, and whatever you do my dear Maria, do not play this card in your deck or summon it” he mentions, leaving Maria a little confused at the statement. Pegasus soon picked up a wine class containing that of a White Wine Spritzer, holding it closer to his mouth; “The card may have chosen you, but its power could consume your soul if you dare to play such a power that we have yet to comprehend” he commented, as he took a sip of his drink; “I’m not even sure what may happen to a person who plays these cards, and yet, it leaves me curious” he mentioned a little more.

Maria nodded her head a little; “So as long as I don’t play this card, I should be fine, right?” she asked Pegasus with a soft tone, in which she received a nod from the creator of Duel Monsters; “That is correct my dear Maria” he commented, before placing his glass down; “Do not play, no matter what the case or scenario may be” he mentioned further, before the thoughts soon started to fade, leaving Maria in the same position she was in the duel, as she continues to stare at the card. “I know Mr Pegasus told me not to play it, but in order to protect it, I have no choice but to do so” she thought in her head, before soon looking up and holding the card slightly up into the air; “I release my three Archangels in order to summon to the field; Torcura, The Holy Dragon!” she announced, as she placed the card onto her duel disk. As this happened, Strider’s eyes suddenly widened, leaving him speechless; “What are you doing!? That card is too powerful for any soul other than those who can wield its power!” he shouted across to that of Maria, but to no avail as she continued to remain confident. “If this card really did choose me out of many, then I know that it won’t harm me” she thought in her head, looking down at the card as sparks of lightning shot out from that of the card’s form, flying up towards that of the three golden orbs.

As the sparks of lightning shot through that of the three glowing, golden orbs, causing a sort of light to shine from around them, appearing like an outline of a serpentine dragon with rather bright green eyes at the top, causing Strider to be slightly frightened at such a summoning, never believing that he would see such a sight. Soon enough, the outline of the serpentine dragon broke and caused a pillar of light to consume that of the outline and of the golden orbs, engulfing Maria’s side of the field in a brilliant, yet stunning light. As the pillar of light continued to shoot up from the ground to the sky, a pair of bright green eyes was seen inside that of the pillar, before four white feathered, draconic wings emerged from the back of the pillar, spreading outwards to show their sheer size. Eventually, a large draconic claw soon emerged from the left hand side of the pillar, before one emerged from the right, before the pillar of light shattered into many pieces, revealing the dragon in all its glory, showing its golden scales with white feathers across that of its forearms, forelegs and shoulders with an emerald against its upper chest. Its head was also easy to notice, revealing small wing shaped ears atop its skull in which revealed golden scales and white feather with ease, as well as its chin revealing a spiked form which was both golden and white. The dragon’s eyes soon flashed a brilliant green, before releasing its almighty draconic roar, shocking both Maria and Strider as its sheer size, one of which easily outsized that of Obelisk, Slifer and even Ra, maybe even close to that of double the Egyptian God cards height.

“Wow…” Maria was speechless with how huge the dragon was, and yet, somehow believable, while Strider on the other hand, was speechless to such a degree, that he couldn’t make any witty comments. The dragon soon turned its head, looking at that of the one who summoned him to the field, revealing a grin of sorts, leaving Maria to smile softly at this grin of sorts. “This is impossible! How are you unharmed!?” he yelled across at Maria, who just continued to smile confidently; “It was because I was chosen by this card, and will show you our now joined strength!” she exclaimed towards Strider, who in turn gritted his teeth. Just as the dragon in front of Maria turned its head back, its draconic roar sent shockwaves across the while field as its stats were soon revealed to that of both Maria and that of Strider.

Torcura, The Holy Dragon
Level 10

“What? It doesn’t have any attack points!?” Strider immediately shouted out; “How will this card defeat my monsters that easily?” he asked of Maria, who simply smiled with confidence. Maria decided to start explaining that of her newly summoned monster’s effects; “What it lacks in original attack points, it makes up for in its special ability” she declares as she continued to smile at the time; “Because thanks to his effect, he gains eight hundred attack and defence points for every Light attributed monster in my graveyard” she explained, much to Strider’s shock. “Eight hundred attack and defence points for each one!?” he cried out, in which Maria nodded and lifted her duel disk slightly; “That’s right, and since there is five of them in my graveyard, Torcura’s attack and defence is now four thousand a piece” she clarified, as her newly summoned monster let out a draconic roar once again, as its stats begin to change.

Torcura, The Holy Dragon: ATK/? DEF/? >>> ATK/4000 DEF/4000

“Even if you strike down my monster, it won’t affect me that much little girl!” Strider shouted across towards his opponent, however, her smile did not falter; “With Torcura on the field, you don’t scare me anymore Strider” she spoke up, before pointing towards his side of the field. Strider couldn’t help but chuckle a little; “Is that so little girl?” he asked, before Maria nodded her head softly; “Of course, and thanks to Torcura’s other ability, that monster of yours won’t be able to stop him” she announces. Strider raised an eyebrow at this, before she continued to take her turn; “I now activate the effect of Torcura, which once a turn, I can destroy a face-up attack position monster on my opponent’s side of the field!” she exclaims, as her monster started to let out some sparks from its huge body. Strider’s eyes simply widened at this “Say what!?” he cried out, as Maria smiled confidently; “Torcura, destroy Newdoria with your special ability; Conduction Break!” she announced, just as her summoned monster shot sparks out from its body.

As each and every spark from the Divine Beast struck the ground and air, its mighty power soon concentrated into one point, flinging towards that of Strider’s own monster, electrocuting it with such ease before it shatters in pieces in front of Maria’s opponent. “No, my Newdoria!” Strider cried out as he placed his hands upon the top of his head, as Maria continued her turn at the time; “And since that was only the special ability, Torcura can still attack this turn” she enlightened Strider, leaving his eyes to widen a little more than before. “Why am I worried? She went through all that trouble to summon out that card and soon enough, it shall be taken out by my set card; Sakuretsu Armor” he thought, as he grinned to himself, before staring at Maria once more; “She has no chance of winning this duel!” he added to his own thoughts. Maria on the other hand, was confident in her next move; “Okay, time for Torcura to strike your life points!” she announced as she thrust her right hand forward with some grace; “Torcura, The Holy Dragon, attack Strider’s life points directly with; Lightning Purge!” she declared, as her monster soon opened up its mouth within a few seconds of the attack’s name.

Torcura, The Holy Dragon once more let out an amazing draconic roar, before sparks of lightning surged through that of its body, moving up into its mouth as a bright light could be inside of the back of its throat. The sky around the duelling field at the time went dark, as lightning bolts surrounded the sky around them, just being formed by that of the divine beast’s immense power, as the beings eyes became much brighter than before. At this moment, the sparks of lightning surrounding that of Torcura’s body merged with that of the light inside of its own mouth, creating a fusion of both a golden light and pale blue lightning bolts as it readied its attack. Strider remained calm and collective, knowing that his trap card would be more than enough to take down that of the mighty beast, and then win the duel on the very next turn, failure was not an option to him, especially if he wished to have safe haven in the new world to be. Torcura’s attack was now ready to use, as it soon opened its own jaws wider, firing off the combined elements towards that of Strider’s side of the field; “All that trouble to bring him out will now be made useless!” he shouted out towards Maria, pointing at his face down card; “I activate the Trap card; Sakuretsu Armor!” he announced, as the card soon flipped face-up for Maria to see. Maria’s expression did not falter, as Strider continued to grin and then chuckle; “Thanks to my trap card, your monster shall now be destroyed!” he exclaimed.

Maria however, knew that this wouldn’t affect either her or that of the divine beast; “Sorry to burst your bubble Strider, but my monster has something that you overlooked” she mentioned. Strider raised an eyebrow at this; “And what is that supposed to mean little girl?” he asked of her, as she remained confident; “Torcura has an effect that stops him from being targeted by that of Spells, Traps and Monster effects!” she explained further. This explanation brought Strider to panic a little; “WHAT!?” he cried out, as his trap card shatter into thousands of pieces by the shockwaves of the almighty beast; “This…this cannot be!?” he yelled. Maria smiled softly at this; “Let’s end this Torcura! Lightning Purge!” she announced as she thrust her right hand forward once again, allowing the great being to take the attack and fire it easily at her opponent. Torcura’s attack soon flung straight towards that of Strider, striking his life points down with its almighty power. Strider covered his face as the shockwaves from the attack moved him back with ease, as his remaining points were reduced to zero.

Maria Sugihara > 800LP
0LP (- 4000LP) < Strider

The divine entity sent out a few more shockwaves through its incredible draconic roar as the duel had ended, as the sky soon cleared up once more, before Torcura’s form evaporated from the field, leaving nothing behind. The duelling field around both Maria and Strider soon burnt out, as the dark flames were reduced to nothing, allowing them both the freedom to move about anywhere once again. Strider, who was now breathing heavily at the time, took advantage of this moment and escaped from Maria, knowing that he had lost, he had certainly failed his own lord and master. Maria took in a little air before breathing out softly, smiling softly at the victory she just managed to win, before deactivating her duel disk and plucking up the card that Pegasus gave her. She held the card closer to her, as she simply smiled a little more; “I can’t believe how much power this card actually has” she muttered softly to herself, as she continued to look at the card; “It’s no wonder Mr Pegasus said to keep this card safe, because if it went into the wrong hands, I hate to imagine what would happen” she continued to mutter to herself.

As she pulled her deck out of her own duel disk, the voice that spoke to her before soon came back to her, speaking to her once again; “You have done well Maria Sugihara” the voice spoke, which confused her somewhat. Maria looked around a little; “Where exactly are you? I know I’m able to hear your voice, but I cannot see you” she spoke out, glad to know that she was the only one around in the same street at the time. As she continued to look around a little, the card she held onto started to glow once again, before that of a more humanoid form appeared beside her, but not as a solid form. This moment had shocked Maria at the time, causing her to step back suddenly; “Wait a minute? Who are you!?” she asked of the non-solid form, who then started to reply there and then; “I was afraid that my original form would frighten you, so I took a more humanoid body to keep your nervousness at bay” the non-solid form replied to that of Maria, who was still rather confused at the time. “So…so you are Torcura?” she asked softly of him, before receiving a nod in response; “That is correct young Maria Sugihara, I am that of the entity you call Torcura, The Holy Dragon” he responded with such a calm tone.

The form in which Torcura, The Holy Dragon had taken was a rather surprising to say the least; seeing as it took a more human form for Maria’s sake, its eyes were a rather bright green around its iris, as its white, yet subtle hair was long even for a male from today’s standards. As more was shown, it revealed him in some golden armour which would normally be seen on a knight, revealing it to be that of medieval origin. A cape flowed down from its shoulders, easily covering the back and the back of the legs with ease, still easy to see his feet underneath from behind, making it seem that the cape wouldn’t drag on the ground, not like that was a problem. And covering his head was a golden helm that merely covered the top of the head, along with the back of his own head, allowing anyone to easily notice his face without any problems. Maria was slightly taken aback by this form, much to Torcura’s confusion; “Is there something amiss, Maria?” Torcura asked of her, in which she responded with a shake of his head; “No…no, there is nothing wrong at all” she laughed softly and sheepishly. Torcura’s humanoid form then nodded his head; “Very well young Maria Sugihara, if this isn’t a problem for you, then there is nothing to worry of” he responded with such a calm tone.

Maria then looked around a little, trying to make sure no one else was around, much to Torcura’s confusion; “Why are you looking around if may I ask?”Torcura spoke calmly to her, which quirked her head a little; “It’s because I wouldn’t wish for anyone to be confused from seeing your form” she responded softly. Torcura couldn’t but sigh softly at this; “Maria Sugihara, you have nought to worry about, no one other than yourself is able to see me” he responded to Maria’s distraught. She couldn’t help but blink a few times from this confusion; “Oh…but I thought anyone would be able to see you?” she wondered as she spoke to Torcura; “Only that of the chosen one may be able to see their partners, as well as that of the others” he spoke once more. “O-other’s? What do you mean by that?” she asked of him, in which he couldn’t but smile a little; “The other’s I speak of, are of my own kin” he responded softly; “The other beings that share the same life force and powers as myself, however, the tip in the balance has been broken” he added to his previous statement. This of course confused Maria once more; “Your kin? Do you mean from the other cards?” she decided to ask, in which Torcura nodded to; “Yes, all of us had been residing in stone tablets for millions of years, only to be returned to the living realm in the form of what you call; Duel Monster cards” he decided to explain.

“So, what caused you to go into those Stone Tablets in the first place?” she thought she may as well ask Torcura at the time; “We sealed ourselves away, in order for life to prosper and remain in existence” he responded with yet another calm tone. Torcura looked up slightly; “Each of us held a different responsibility, all controlling one of each element for existence to reign through” he explained slightly; “However, one of our kin had betrayed this pact with the creator himself, wanting to rid life and recreate it anew in their own image” he spoke a little more. “So in other words…this evil wants to destroy all of us?” she gulped slightly, much to such a thought; “Why would he want to do this, Torcura?” she asked softly. Torcura shook his head slightly; “We do not know of why he would want this, all we know is, and that we cannot allow him to do” he decided to say, causing Maria more confusion than before as she leaned up against a wall slightly. “So…if we do not stop him, it’s all over, right?” she responded softly to him; “We have nought to worry about, young Maria Sugihara” Torcura spoke once more, which caused Maria to raise an eyebrow at this; “What do you mean by that?” she thought she may as well as of him. Torcura smiled a little; “As long as he doesn’t possess all of us in our card forms, he shall not enough power to do so, as these cards imprison our certain powers, stopping them from being as strong as they once were” he explained slightly more; “So as long as none loses to him or to those which he controls, then there is nought to worry about” he spoke calmly.

Maria nodded her head at this; “That…that is fine I suppose, but is there one thing I could ask of you?” she spoke up softly at him; “Yes, you may do so young Maria Sugihara” Torcura responded softly. Maria sighed softly; “Could you just call me Maria, the way you say it makes it sound like I’m your master or being spoken to in third person” she spoke, as she couldn’t help but laugh softly. Torcura nodded his head; “Very well young Maria, I shall call you that from now on” he responded rather calmly, which she couldn’t but sigh once more; “Please, just Maria, no need to add my last name or have ‘young’ before you say my name” she sighed softly, as Torcura nodded his head once more; “Very well, Maria, if that is what you wish” he responded softly. Maria smiled softly at this; “Thank you Torcura, The Holy Dragon” she couldn’t help but say, trying to tease him slightly; “Maria, you may just call me Torcura, there is no need to call me by my full identity” he calmly said, which Maria couldn’t help but laugh softly at. As Maria smiled up slightly at Torcura, the scenario started to pull out from the current position of Maria, noticing a sort of shadowy figure from within the park aside of the street in which Maria stood. The shadowy figure couldn’t help but grin at the time, but not in such a way that would make him suspicious, but in such a gentle way; “That young girl, she’s got some amazing duelling skills” they couldn’t help but say, before turning around to head back into the park; “I suppose she wouldn’t need a ‘Hero’ any time soon” they couldn’t help but murmur to themselves.

As the shadowy figure moved away, they turned their head once more to look at Maria, and all that could be noticed was their right shaded blue eye, before they walked off once more, easily revealing a deck pouch on the side of their belt. As that happened, the scene soon faded out, before returning into picture of another scenario, where Pegasus was sat inside of his office, looking down in the contents of an opened up briefcase, grinning slightly to himself. Pegasus picked up the glass of his white wine spritzer, taking a quick sip; “That makes two cards now in the possession of those who I can trust in” he murmured softly to himself; “Now all that is needed, is to find the last two chosen ones to hold onto the remaining two cards” he added to his previous murmur. Our point of view was shown from Pegasus’, revealing two containers inside of the briefcase, one of a pale blue, and one of a light brown; “I cannot allow these cards to fall into the wrong hands” Pegasus muttered softly to himself, as the scenario started to fade out, revealing a pale brown like colour glowing from that of the light brown container, ending our scene.

End Of Chapter Three




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PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Isle Of Torguna - Chapter Three   Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:54 am
Awesome chapter mate, KIU!!

man what are those cards in the remaining containers >> tell us?!!



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PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Isle Of Torguna - Chapter Three   Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:31 pm
@Liyana wrote:
Awesome chapter mate, KIU!!

man what are those cards in the remaining containers >> tell us?!!
Sorry, like everyone, you'll have to wait until whatever is in those containers is revealed lol.

But thanks for the comment, and hope you'll enjoy the next chapter when it is released.



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PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Isle Of Torguna - Chapter Three   Tue Oct 01, 2013 8:43 pm
I liked the story and the plot is very interesting (I haven't read any of them for a while so I got to read all of them at once ;P).

The only thing that nagged at me was the few of grammar slip-ups.
@DJDanny88 wrote:
Your whole world is about to change!” he announced to her with that smile still remaining upon his lips.
It was only a few though.

Overall very enjoyable (albeit a little corny from the villain's speaking, I mean, most of the time villains tease every few turns, maybe even once per turn, but the guy was literally taunting her at every single card-play.
I would've said [IRL] "Seriously, if you make one more sly comment about my cards I will knock the ---- out of you." [seeing as how she can't just rage-quit]).

Although, I didn't really understand why Strider said
@DJDanny88 wrote:
“You really think I’m going to fall for such a little trick child?” he commented with a slight chuckle,
when she tributed all 3 of her monsters for Torcura...
Since when is tributing three monsters in classic era dueling a joke?
What did the guy expect her to say? "Loljk, I was just yanking your chain, I'll put these three monsters back and end my turn."

Nevertheless, enjoyable; keep up ze good work Smile

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Isle Of Torguna - Chapter Three

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