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 Malicious FTW XD

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PostSubject: Malicious FTW XD   Tue Feb 11, 2014 2:26 am
Hey guys so I was was bored and decided to remake my zombies and I went to duel some randoms to test out the new stuff I added in so I went vs this Chaos Lightsworn player , I started with goblin and 4 backrows , He played lumina and guess what .... He milled 3 Malicious LOL , Later on , He went into a another lumina play and tried to revive Lyla , I respond with divine wrath and dump my own malicious then he starts cursing and rage quits lol

Replay : mediafire.com download/bp39wte2kzj8dxb/Dat+Malicious.yrp

Enjoy =D

Peace out! Smile


Malicious FTW XD

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