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 Challenge Deck: Lightning Punisher

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PostSubject: Challenge Deck: Lightning Punisher   Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:46 am
Hey everyone so , I was asked by some evil guy (YES,DECATO I MEAN YOU) Hate .... to make a deck around Lightning Punisher(What the heck....) , Pretty nice and can surprise the opponent but can also be countered way too easy(Hey don't blame me , he asked me for punisher...)


1-This deck is only meant for fun purposes and no , that's not my playstyle XD

2-Don't argue on my card choices , lol.

3-Might find space for Cosmo fighter/Battle Fader.

Here you go:

Have fun with the deck and if you are bored then feel free to join us Smile


Challenge Deck: Lightning Punisher

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