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 Prophecy of Gusto - Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Prophecy of Gusto - Chapter 1   Tue Jan 20, 2015 2:22 am
Name: Dano Sayuto
Age: 17
Duel Spirit: Daigusto Sphreez

*After both of his parents were killed in a car accident, Dano was left with no other options but to move in with his older sister, Jane. He was the top duelist at his old academy, and recently graduated at such a young age. His sister, Jane, lived in the large city of Kanoba. Dano, having lived in the city for about a week, was sent by his older sister to get a few groceries. Distracted by a large duel monster statue, he bumped into a stranger. Noticing his deck box on his belt, Dano asks him for a duel. A large group of people crowd around the two as the begin their duel.*

CHAPTER 1: In the Beginning

*We start our story with our very own Dano; he's up against the so called top duelist, Dex, in his new town of Kanoba City. They're nearing the conclusion of their duel, and it seems Dano is going to lose.*

Life Points

Dano: 100
Dex: 3000


Dano // 3 set spell/trap, no monsters, 1 card in hand.

Dex // Five Headed Dragon 5000 ATK, 1 set spell/trap, 1 in hand.

: Come on, Dano! You're a good duelist and all, but you gotta know when it's time to give up. You're staring down one of the toughest monsters in the game, and all you have are 3 measly face downs! I end my turn.

Dano: This duel is sick! You honestly believe I would give up? Just like that? Trust me, this duel has just begun. My draw!
* He thinks: Ha, just what I needed to end this! *

Dano: You ready Sphreez?

Sphreez: Actually no, I'm not.

Dano: Sphreez.. u.u I'm about to beat the top duelist in this city, and there's a giant crowd to witness it! And you say that you're not even ready.. u.u

Sphreez: Dano, you've beaten a lot of others who were a lot stronger than this guy..

Dex: Are you talking to your card? Wow, haha, I thought only little kids did that!

Dano: Shut up! First off, I activate my face down card! Call of the Haunted! To summon back Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto!!
ATK 1900

*He thinks: Am I really the only one who can see duel spirits? Ugh, never mind, let's win this Sphreez!*

Dex: Not so fast, I activate Effect Veiler's effect from my hand! Negating your monster's ability!

Dano: Haha, thank you for that! Now I summon Gusto Egul ATK 200 from my hand! Next, from my hand, I activate Swords of Revealing Light! Although, it won't be around for long, because I activate my other face down, Emergency Provisions! By sending one spell or trap card on my field to the graveyard, I gain 1000 life points! So I release my Swords to increase my life points by 1000! Now with both of these monsters on my field I'm able to synchro summon.... Daigusto Sphreeze!! ATK 2000

Dex: Haha, sorry for this, but it looks like I win. It's been fun Dano, but I activate my trap! Bottomless Trap Hole! Banishing your Sphreez!

Dano: That's exactly why I used Emergency Provisions, because now... I activate MY trap card! Seven Tools of the Bandit! Negating your Bottomless Trap Hole!

Dex: Regardless, my monster still has 5000 ATK points to your monster's 2000 ATK! I still win!

Dano: Not exactly, because with Sphreez's effect, you take any battle damage I would have taken! Also, Sphreez, can't be destroyed by battle.

Dex: Oh crap.. so that means..

Dano: Yep! Sphreez, attack Five-Headed Dragon!!

Sphreez: You got it.

Dex: If we're going out, we're going out in style! Five-Headed Dragon! Hit him with Catastrophic Meltdown!

*Sphreez jumps out of the blast and hits the dragon in the torso with Tornado Slash Stream!!*

Dano: 100
Dex: 0

*Holograms fade and Dex walks over to Dano*

Dex: Dano, ya know, that was the first time I've ever lost a duel in this city, but regardless, that was the most fun I've ever had.

Dano: Haha, that was a sick duel! I hope we get the chance to duel again!

Dex: Yeah man, one day..

Sphreez: So um.. while you're freaking out about how amazing your duel was..your sister is at home waiting on you to bring back dinner..

Dano: Oh crap! I completely forgot! See ya Dex!
*He thinks: Oh crap crap crap, Jane is gonna be so pissed at me!*

Dex: Uh see ya. o.o'

*Dano races off to get the groceries needed for his sisters home made banana pizza. After getting the groceries, he returns home. His sister makes the pizza and they sit down at the table.*

Jane: So... it took you a whole 3 hours to get these few things I needed, huh? Who's the lucky lady? n-n

Dano: HUH? THERE'S NO LADY! I was dueling this guy I bumped into while going to the store..

Jane: Yeah right, haha!

Dano: I'm serious!!

*Dano and Jane sit around the table talking about random subjects, and things going on around town for about 1 hour*

Dano: *yawns* I'm so exhausted... I think I'm gonna go to bed.....

Jane: Alright, Good night Dano. I better not find out that you're sneaking out at night to see this girl! n-n

Dano: Haha, nothing comes between me and sleep...


CHAPTER 2: Something Dark

Try not being so harsh with the reviews of this chapter, haha. This is basically my first ever Fan Fiction, so I hope you enjoyed. Leave some comments and/or suggestions down below. If I've got any rulings wrong, I'm sorry. If the character doesn't say a minor effect, then it probably will not have any effect on the outcome of the duel. Like Daigusto Sphreez's effect that lets you get a Gusto monster back from the grave when synchro summoned. I might also tinker with the effects of some monsters/cards in general. (As the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime some times gets away with.)  I'm basically thinking these duels up in my head, and I'm only human, haha. Also, these duels may be "dumbed" as in with "less important duels," there will be no wombo combos, lol. The same thing goes for grammatical errors. However, if you do notice any MAJOR mistakes/misspells, please tell me and I will correct it immediately.  I realize that I'm not exactly the best writer, but I'm hoping to improve as these hopefully progress. Thank you.


“In another moment down went Alice after it,

never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.”

Prophecy of Gusto - Chapter 1

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