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 [YGOPRO] Shaddoll Theme

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PostSubject: [YGOPRO] Shaddoll Theme   Thu Jan 22, 2015 10:27 am
been awhile aye :p

i woulda had this one out sooner, but i got severely sidetracked and ended up forgetting about YGO entirely for several months lol. i very much like this one tho...

excuse the rather large file size. I've no idea what might be wrong with Winrar, and it's far too late in the night for me to care all too much :S. Contents in the .rar include bg image featuring Construct(as well as the logo of one of my fav bands lol) along with several card sleeves, not just the ones in the screenshots(credits to the respective artists who drew the many stock images that went into everything). I've also included a few high-reverb ambient sounds that I feel go along nicely with the sinister nature of Shaddolls. Those who have played Doom 3 may recognize some of them ;0

as always, the link to the download will be below the screenshots. Have fun, erry1 <3



mediafire.com download/s5aahr4cpy1zej9/Shaddoll_Theme.rar

[YGOPRO] Shaddoll Theme

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