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 Recruitment of New Staff + Introductions

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PostSubject: Recruitment of New Staff + Introductions   Sat Apr 18, 2015 4:11 am
Hey guys,

I know Sabb has a Staff Application thread but we'll need a new one at the moment. As some of you may be aware Nick and I have decided to take upon us the role of Admins in an attempt to start CEA again (I know many of you want this due to the sheer number of messages I got).

However, first things first, we won't open the forum straight away until we have some of the changes that were promised implemented. As we don't want a repeat of what happened before. Some of these will include:

1. A new dorm System, instead of the former dorms with testing, we will have different 'ranks'.

2. An Elo System where rankings of members will be fair and systematised.

3. More events, I know this is something that is quite dependant on everyone but I am looking at hosting multiple events instead of one at a time.

4. More will come obviously (such as DN teams, wars with other forums, 'clan wars' etc) but these are the ones I feel we need before officially opening the forum again.

Now, we are in need of a good number of Staffs; a list will be below. We are looking for a number of things but most urgently, a passion for the game and our forum + a willingness and availability to be active.

This thread will not be open so we can sort through our applications more internally; you can either send us (me+Nick) a CEA or Skype message.

Positions we are recruiting:

Moderators: This will involve regulating the chat and other posts when necessary.

Media Officer: We'll need somebody to create banners for official events/guides + somebody to create promotional youtube videos for our official events.

Events Manager: We will be hosting multiple events at once, so in order to stop one person from being overburdened we will delegate events for each Events Manager/Moderators. Role will include: brainstorming, implementing, ensuring the event runs smoothly.

[List title here]: Haven't decided on a title for this yet, but we are in need of somebody with good coding skills for our forum.

Future roles will be added later but for now we are recruiting in those areas.

We hope to see you guys with a much better forum than before, TY wave



Recruitment of New Staff + Introductions

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