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 New Ranks and Divisions

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PostSubject: New Ranks and Divisions   Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:10 am
As some of you may have been aware, we have moved away from the old dorm and testing system to have divisions based on ranks. Points for ranks will be distributed depending on the type of events you participate in; for example, winning a battle arena duel may give you 1 experience point while the winner/runner up to the event may get 20/10. These numbers will still be tweaked with and at any event post it will be specified.

The ranks we have ready are: Squire, Knight, Emperor which can then be divided into Order of Chaos/Order of Light (and yes we will be having division wars and events when we have enough people in those ranks).

Everyone's rank will be reset, and the order goes from Squire 1/2/3 - Knight 1/2/3 and so on. We were going to release this together when we have a ELO system working but that is taking more time than we thought.

You can see the icons from the bottom of this link:




New Ranks and Divisions

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