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 D/D/D - Rise of the Emperors

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PostSubject: D/D/D - Rise of the Emperors   Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:50 pm

D/D/D otherwise known as Different Dimensional Demon is the archetype used by Reiji in the Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V series. All of the main deck D/D monsters are Dark with a few extra deck monsters being other types. Unlike other archetypes; D/D/D has some meaning behind their monsters.

Firstly, the D/D monsters are representations of Western mythology while the ‘Savant D/D’ monsters represent famous historical scientists. Secondly, the D/D/D monsters are all named after famous conquerors/kings/military personnel.

Personally, D/D/D is the deck that got me interested back into the IRL scene and while key cards won’t be out in the TCG until next week; I still managed to top most of the locals I went to with the incomplete deck. It is explosive and can lock down the opponent quite hard with a first turn Siegfried/Crystal Wing. However, as it takes some practice due to the high number of combos available; keep on practicing!

Note: just due to the amount of words for the card effects, I won’t write each effect; you can easy just search them up.

Note 2: I’ve seen people take my guides to other forums, and I’m fine with that; but an acknowledgement would be appreciated; especially if you are going to take it word for word.

Main Deck Cards

D/D Swirl Slime (DARK/Fiend/LV 2/Effect)

I believe Swirl Slime is the most important card in a D/D/D deck, it has two uses (you can use both effects once per turn): First, ditch Swirl Slime with another D/D in hand to fusion summon from the extra deck. Secondly, remove it from the grave to special summon a D/D monster from your hand. Run 3.

Note: you can special summon a D/D/D monster like Ragnarok with this; assume that D/D/D is the same as D/D.

D/D Necro Slime (DARK/Fiend/LV 1/Effect)

Partner in crime with Swirl Slime, once per turn you can banish Necro Slime and another D/D monster to fusion summon from the extra deck. Run 3.

D/D Orthros (DARK/Fiend/LV 4/Tuner)

The main use of Orthros is to pop your opponent’s S/T with its effect, it can also be special summoned from the hand when you take damage (and it is a tuner) which can be useful. Personally, I recommend using 0-1.

D/D Lamia (DARK/Fiend/LV 1/Tuner)

This is the most important key card that we are currently missing; a tuner. You can also special summon it from the hand/grave by sending one D/D monster or Dark Contract from the hand/field to the grave. Do note that if you use this effect it will be banished when sent to the grave and remember, Pendulum monsters on the field do NOT go to the graveyard. Run 3.

D/D Savant Kelper (DARK/Fiend/LV 1/Pendulum/Scale 10)

Upon summon searches any Dark Contract and has a high scale if you do need it; don’t forget it loses scales every turn and it can backfire if you don’t play smart with it. 9/10 times you’ll just use it to search a Dark Contract such as Gate. It can also return a D/D monster to the hand but I’ve never had to use that effect so far. Run 3

D/D Savant Copernicus (DARK/Fiend/LV 4/Pendulum/Scale 1)

Good scale at 1 and can pop itself from the scale when you take effect damage to negate it. Main use is to act as a Foolish Burial on summon and send Lamia/Necro Slime to the grave. I would recommend any number between 2-3.

D/D Savant Thomas (DARK/Fiend/LV 8/Pendulum/Scale 6)

Add a pendulum monster from your extra deck to the hand + effect to pop a D/D in the pendulum zone and special summon Ragnarok for an easy Hope Harbinger/Kali Yuga. Honestly, you could drop this card and be fine but it has been testing well at 2 for me.

D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok (DARK/Fiend/LV 8/Pendulum/Scale 5)

This card has three main effects (each one is once per turn). Firstly, tribute one D/D monster you control to banish one monster on the opponent’s field. Secondly, when normal/special summoned you can special summon one D/D/D (must be a D/D/D) monster from your graveyard. Finally, when it is in the pendulum scale and you special summon a D/D monster, you can special summon any D/D monster from your graveyard. If you use the pendulum effect of Ragnarok any battle damage you do is halved. Run 3.

Dark Contract with the Gate (Spell/Continuous)

Each main phase, you can add one D/D monster from your deck to your hand. You must pay 1000 LP during each of your standby phases (it is not optional). Run 3.

Dark Contract with the Swamp King (Spell/Continuous)

Think of it as a Miracle Fusion card once per turn. You must pay 1000 LP during each of your standby phases (it is not optional). I recommend 1.

Dark Contract with the Witch (Trap/Continuous)

Once per turn, you can discard a D/D monster to pop one card on the field. You must pay 1000 LP during each of your standby phases (it is not optional). I also recommend this card at 1, though I have been dropping it in testing and it has been fine.

Extra Deck Cards

D/D/D Cruel Dragon King Beowulf (DARK/Fiend/LV 8/Fusion)

Gives your D/D monsters piercing damage and during your standby phase you can destroy all S/T on the field. Run 1.

D/D/D Blaze King Genghis (Fire/Fiend/LV 6/Fusion)

Another MVP of the deck, while face up on the field, if you special summon a D/D monster you can special summon another D/D monster from the graveyard. If it is destroyed by battle or the opponent’s card effect you can add one Dark Contract card from the grave. Run 2.

D/D/D Oracle King d’Arc (Dark/Fiend/LV 7/Fusion)

Any effect that causes you to lose LP makes you gain them instead; so instead of your Dark Contracts taking away 1000 LP each SP, you’ll gain 1000. (Also is a big middle finger to Burn decks). Run 1-2.

D/D/D Gust King Alexander (Wind/Fiend/LV 7/Fusion)

Similar to Genghis, except you can ONLY special summon a D/D monster (not a D/D/D like Ghengis) from the grave and you can use this when you normal/special summon a D/D monster. Run 1.

D/D/D Cursed King Siegfried (Dark/Fiend/LV 8/Synchro)

Once per turn, you can negate the effect of a S/T card (can also negate cards like Raigeki or pendulum effects). When destroyed you also gain 1000 LP for each Dark Contract you control. Run 1.

D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga (Dark/Fiend/Rank 8/XYZ)

… What can I say… great card, amazing game changer. Upon summon unless your opponent negates the summon itself all cards/effects cannot be activated and are negated. Can also ditch a material to pop all S/T cards on the field or set a Dark Contract from your grave. Run 1.

P.S. there are other good cards (Oblivion King is one example) but I believe a guide should serve as a starting point rather than offer the end result.

Deck Skeleton

3 x Swirl Slime
3 x Necro Slime
3 x Lamia
3 x Savant Kelper
3 x Ragnarok
3 x Copernicus
1 x Orthros
3 x Dark Contract with the Gate
3 x Allure of darkness
1 x One for One
1 x Dark Contract with the Swamp King


When playing D/D/Ds:
• Read up on the combos, I could mention the key ones but this is a great article that explains most of the main combos: http://roadoftheking.com/dd-basic-combo ; http://roadoftheking.com/dd-advance-combo
• Don’t be afraid to push your limits; I did mention the combo list above but don’t just memorize them and play on auto pilot, the deck requires thinking and experience.
• Do keep the Dark Contracts in mind because it is entirely possible to lose from self-burn.

When playing against D/D/Ds:

• Ghost Ogre is a great card to hit the Dark Contracts.
• Don’t destroy the Dark Contracts during activation of the card, but rather when they use the effect again (as those effects are a hard once per turn).
• D-Barrier and call fusion as Genghis starts most of their plays.



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PostSubject: Re: D/D/D - Rise of the Emperors   Sat Jan 21, 2017 6:42 am
I need to stop thinking D.D. when i see this deck lol are they even related in anyway?




Team : Tricksters

Posts : 930

Duel Points : 125

Duel Season : 0-0-0

Duel Career : 138-0-35

YGOPro Name : Decato

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PostSubject: Re: D/D/D - Rise of the Emperors   Tue Jan 24, 2017 4:01 am
No, they aren't related but I did think they were some upgrade to DD when I first read them

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PostSubject: Re: D/D/D - Rise of the Emperors   

D/D/D - Rise of the Emperors

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